Court records are open and accessible to the public unless sealed by the courts. Most records can be found online through Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO). MICRO provides online access to public Minnesota state district court records and documents.
Case Search allows users to find court cases by person name, business name, attorney name, case number, citation number, or attorney bar number.

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Uncertified copies do not have a court seal and cannot be used for official purposes. Certified copies have a court seal, are photocopies, and can be used for official purposes. Certified copies cost $14 per document unless the judge waived the fees.
Criminal court records search requires county, case number, name, citation number, attorney, or date. Records are online except for records before July 1, 2015.

You must search the Minnesota State Database for Criminal Records in Marion County. You can find the form at Click on the copy request form on the website, and the form will populate. You can also write a letter to the court. The form requires quite a bit of information, including:

Your full name, date, address, phone, and email. You will need to know the case information and check the criminal box. List the parties in the case and the defendant’s date of birth. List the type of document you want in the table listed on the form. Describe the document as best you can and attach more pages if necessary. There will be no fee if you just want a plain copy. Certified c copies are $14 per document. Do not unstaple documents, or it will be considered nonofficial. Court documents signed by a judicial officer and court administrator will be $28. You can bring the document to the county clerk’s office or mail it to the court administrator.

You can have records delivered via the U.S. Mail, pick them up at the court office, or indicate FedEx, UPS, etc. Copies that are not certified can be emailed or faxed.

Send the completed form and associated fees to the Court Administrator in Dakota County.
Records are considered open in Minnesota, but you must visit or mail the clerk or the court’s office to obtain records from Dakota County. You can also write a letter to any of the three courthouses in the country to obtain records. The main center is:

Dakota County Judicial Center
1560 Highway 55
Hastings, MN 55033

Deeds in Dakota County, MN, can be obtained from the Dakota County Recorder of Deeds at 651-438-4355. The county recorder is responsible for maintaining property records, including deeds and sales records, and collecting recording fees.
You will need parcel ID, house number, and street address to see online property records, including deeds. RecordEASE is the county’s commercial product for assessing land records maintained by the County Recorder and Register of Title Office of Dakota County. You will be allowed access to recorded property documents and images for a low monthly subscription fee. Complete the form online at